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Tree Surgery in Cobham | Reasons to Choose Us

In our position as leading tree surgeons for the Cobham area, MB Tree Services provides our clients with a comprehensive range of garden maintenance and development services. From tree surgery to hedge cutting, and from stump grinding to garden fencing, we have the ideal solution to suit the requirements of any customer. As our client list continues to grow, we discover more reasons why property owners in Cobham and the surrounding areas come to us as their tree surgeons of choice.


In order to get your garden improvement works started as soon as possible, we have listed just a handful of these reasons below.


1. Accreditation & Experience


The practice of tree surgery carries with it inherent risks. As such, it remains vital that property owners in Cobham choose fully-qualified, vastly-experienced tree surgeons to carry out their required work. Here at MB Tree Services, our tree surgeons share more than 25 years of practical arboriculture experience. In addition, each member of our team holds NPTC qualifications at City & Guilds level. When it comes to tree surgery services, from crown reductions to hedge cutting, we know our trade inside-out.


2. Ethical Tree Surgeons


MB Tree Services works with nature, not against it. When it comes to tree surgery procedures, we take felling options as a last resort. What’s more, for our wider tree surgery services, we always check for TPOs (Tree Protection Orders) in the Cobham area before undertaking work. In addition, we align our hedge cutting service with the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 which states that it is an offence to intentionally disturb or damage the nest of a wild bird.


3. Garden Fencing Specialists


As a focal point in any garden space, MB Tree Services provides a complete start-to-finish garden fencing service. In order to cater for every taste and requirement, we offer a range of garden fencing designs, including, panel, closeboard, picket and trellises. As time-served specialists in garden fencing, we offer Cobham property owners expertise every step of the way, including the installation of fence posts to a depth that suits the soil type, as well as conducting checks for underground service cables and pipes in the vicinity of the intended fencing line.


4. Proven Results in Stump Grinding


Much like our wider tree surgery services, stump grinding procedures require trained, experienced hands to produce results of the highest standards. Through the use heavy-duty machinery equipped with a rotating disc, our tree surgeons grind away hazardous, unsightly tree stumps across the Cobham area. Whether our clients simply want the stump ground down to a safe distance below the soil line, or to have it removed completely, MB Tree Services guarantees that our stump grinding permanently rids your property of tree stumps.


5. A Complete Package


For clients in Cobham looking to take on larger garden improvement projects, MB Tree Services offers the opportunity to keep multiple services under one roof. Not only does this save time and money, it also makes for a more efficient process, which is always better for stress levels! From hedge cutting to stump grinding, or from garden fencing to tree surgery, however expansive garden-based projects might be, our tree surgeons cover every angle.

If you’re interested in tree surgery, garden fencing, stump grinding or hedge cutting in Cobham, call 07872 566596 or 01252 516385.

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