Tree conservation in Camberley

The professionals at MB Tree Services will identify and remove weak branches, diseased trees, decayed tree parts and hanging branches that pose a risk of falling from your wooded areas.

Thorough tree conservation services

Do you need an assessment of the condition of the trees on your premises? Turn to the experts at MB Tree Services. With substantial surveys and inspections, we can identify any problems in your tree before they happen. We can also advise on the suitable action for you to take to avoid any future problems. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional tree conservation service to all tree owners from the commercial client and local authorities with large tree stocks to developers, architects and woodland owners.
tree service

Our tree services include

  • Tree removal and tree felling
  • Deadwood removal
  • Tree surveys, reports and inspections
  • Branch removal
  • Tree planting

Stylish and durable fence for your property

Do you need a safe yet stylish garden fence? Contact the experts at MB Tree Services. We can design and install a sturdy fence around your property. We ensure that we will work to your exact specifications to get you the results you want. Also, see what some of our customers think of us.
If you are looking for an insured and qualified tree surveyor in Camberley, call MB Tree Services on
07872 566 596

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