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From Stump Grinding to Hedge Cutting in Camberley | Improving Garden Aesthetics

As leading tree surgeons based in Camberley, we receive an array of questions about our tree surgery and the range of garden services we provide in the local area. From crown reductions to stump grinding, and from hedge cutting to garden fencing, MB Tree Services improves garden aesthetics throughout the region.


Below, we’ve listed five of the most popular services that homeowners in Camberley utilise in order to transform their gardens into more attractive, safer and healthier places.


1. Stump Grinding


Unless removed immediately afterwards, tree felling leaves behind an unsightly stump. If left as they are, tree stumps not only act as an ugly focal point for even the most beautiful gardens, they act as low-level trip hazards and as a magnet for harmful fungi and bacteria as they rot. During a simple stump grinding procedure, our Camberley-based tree surgeons either grind the stump to an agreed upon level below the soil line, or remove it completely. Whichever stump grinding option is taken, the garden we leave behind not only looks better, but is safer and healthier too.


2. Hedge Cutting


Coming in all shapes and sizes, hedges take a lot of work to maintain. As the majority of hedges in Camberley are prominently placed in the front or back garden of properties, if they are left to grow shaggy and wild they not only become eyesores, but they have the potential to lower property values. The tree surgeons at MB Tree Services carry out hedge cutting as either one-time jobs or as part of ongoing scheduled maintenance to keep hedges in fantastic condition.


3. Garden Fencing


What better way to complete a garden fresh from tree surgery, stump grinding and hedge cutting than a stylish, robust border marker? Here at MB Tree Services, our personnel provide a garden fencing service from the design stage to installation. Whether our customers in Camberley require closeboard, panel, picket or trellis fencing, our garden fencing options satisfy every need and any taste.


4. Crown Work


Whether it’s crown thinning, lifting or a reduction, our tree surgeons carry out this essential tree surgery service for aesthetic and safety reasons. In built-up areas such as Camberley, growing trees often come into conflict with buildings or powerlines, or have the potential to block sunlight and access paths. By undertaking the necessary crown work to either reduce their size or density, trees not only look neater, but are also a safer fixture in their immediate environment.


5. Tree Felling


Be it sectional dismantling or directional felling, this tree surgery procedure can often be safety critical. After severe weather conditions, or through disease, trees can be left on the brink of collapse. If they happen to be in residential areas of Camberley, these trees pose a threat to property and the general public. In these particular cases, tree surgeons carry out sectional dismantling. This type of tree surgery involves cutting down a tree in segments, usually lowering them to the ground with ropes. In areas with more open space where damage to property and the risk of injury to people is highly unlikely, tree surgeons carry out directional felling. This brings an at-risk tree down in one, but in a specified, and safe, direction.

To discuss our range of tree surgery, stump grinding, hedge cutting and garden fencing in Camberley, call 07872 566596 or 01252 516385.

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